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goPrintEZ is now BucioPrint

goPrintEZ is now BucioPrint

I’ll like to start by thanking our clients, family and friends that have supported us over the past couple of years. Your business, referrals, and above all trust, has allowed us to grow the DESIGN & PRINTING side of our business. For that reason, a few months ago decided to invest in order to bring you a better online experience while ordering design services or printing products from us. The result is a new name with a brand new website.

goPrintEZ is now BucioPrint! We are finally going live with a redesigned website for our print products and decided to re-brand the site to better align it with our Buciotek name. The new website presents a cleaner interface with an easier navigation. We kept the important elements of the ordering process such as the useful pricing calculator for quick product estimation and improved the online design tool; we also added an enriched Product Options tabbed menu and included the ability to add custom design options within the ordering process.

One advantage of online printing with BucioPrint is that with our pricing calculator you can get fast and easy quotes on a wide range of product with different options, a wide range of printing styles with an easy ordering system from any part of the world. Other notable advantages of online printing with BucioPrint are the quick estimation feature, adequate file storage and a quick approval process.

The improved design online tool for business cards includes new categories, sub-categories and thousands of templates for you to choose from. Our design tool will allow you to design your business card in a matter of minutes. Once you have created your design you can easily place the order online and expect to receive your business card in the mail within 5 days or less. Of course we also have custom professional graphic design available.

If you already have an account with us all your login info and account history remains the same. If you  do not have an account yet, you can easily create one here.